Some History Of Berkswell

Here is some information on the history of Berkswell in the UK, located near Balsall Common, Meriden and Coventry. Apparently, as written on the infographic below, the small shops and tea room are some of the oldest shops in Warwickshire.


The history map also has information on the Church, Bear Inn Public House, old water pump, Cannon, Stocks and The Pound. I left the image quite big so you can read the text when viewed at full size. Apologies for the few lines missing from the bottom about Berkswell Hall.

Old Berkswell Village Water Pump

This is the old water pump located in the Berkswell, UK. It was used by people who lived in the village to manually draw / pump water before it was more conveniently supplied direct into homes via pipes. Now the pump stands as a piece of Berkswell history. We don't know how easy we have things these days!


The Loss Of Connection (Coronavirus)

A little while back I posted a picture of a puddle reflection. This photo, as written in the post: Brain Neurons In a Puddle, (which can be found here) represented all the personal connections an average person makes in a year. The image below is an update to that picture, and how since the Coronavirus plandemic, the personal connections we usually make with each other have been almost completely severed.


In the previous post I asked how many squiggles (connections) your puddle would have, because everyones would be different. But now I can be pretty certain that our squiggles / personal connections are all close to equal. Blurred = Warped. Uncertain times we are living in.

The Sun Still Sets In The West

The Sun Still Sets In The West. Try not to worry too much about the strange situation taking place worldwide at the moment. If you think about the magnitude of what is happening, and what it could eventually lead to, it can drive some people crazy with fear. The future seems uncertain at this point. But don't let it get you too worked up. Because if it does, and you become too fearful, it can lead to unclear thinking and rash decisions.


Anyway, that's enough about that. But remember, nothing is new under the sun. Speaking of the sun, I hope you like my picture for today; The Sun Still Sets In The West. Taken with the Samsung WB500 (Unedited). There's a review of this camera on this post.