What Does A Mobile Phone Mast Look Like

These days phone masts come in quite a few shapes and sizes. Their disguises are getting better. Believe it or not, some are even disguised as trees. While others are just one big pole that looks rather inconspicuous (See a picture of one below). And if you think those black poles are not phone masts, just go near one and take a look at your phone's reception / signal.

One of the most common looking phone masts

You will no doubt be amazed, or horrified at how your signal strength is now through the roof. With the emergence of 5G, (5th Generation = millimeter-wave radiation = dangerous to humans and wildlife) some transmitters are, or will be very hard to spot. That's because of the need to use "small cells", which don't look like cell towers / masts at all, and can be installed absolutely everywhere. This technology has not been independently tested, so proceed with caution.


More and more people are researching the dangers of this technology, and the conclusion among the majority is that 5G presents serious health implications to the public. Yet, the big wireless / Telecom companies just don't seem to be taking any notice. It's a similar situation to when tobacco companies where in denial for years, and actually promoted smoking tobacco as a healthy practice until independent health studies proved without any doubt that it was harmful. This situation was also similar with Asbestos.

A smaller phone mast of a similar design / appearance

A closer look at the mast above
Blinded by technological "progress" and greed, the big wireless companies are following suite, refusing to acknowledge any dangers that 5G possesses, and flat out avoiding the guidelines and regulations (including independent testing) that are usually in place when new technology is introduced to the world. How does one avoid testing when its part of the regulations, a procedure that must be followed. This just screams of total corruption, and anyone who can't see that really needs to wake up.

Image: A pole that doesn't look like the common design we have come to recognize as a phone mast. However, this is a phone mast. I believe the design comes in either black or white. That building you can see to the left of the mast is an old peoples home. How wireless companies get permission to install these towers right next to residential properties remains a mystery to me.
Two of the newer types of phone mast. These are quite possibly 5G.

Where is the line drawn between advancements in technology and damaging human health on a global scale. It's a "race to the top", the race for 5G in the west, and they don't care what they have to do to win. Even if that means death and sickness on a huge scale. This certainly says alot about the morals of the people who are pulling the strings.
Another variation of the newer phone mast (Possibly 5G)

Sorry to go on so much when this post was only meant to show what a phone mast looks like, but this is a serious problem that will affect everyone, so it needs to be talked about. A quick question: If you went to buy your dream house and you discovered that it had a big phone mast in close proximity, would you still be happy to proceed with your purchase. I know I wouldn't.

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