Baked Decks Graffiti UK

Stoned on the decks. He looks close to having a whitey! This is from the back of a community centre in Birmingham UK. I believe its a commissioned piece by artist unknown. There is a web address for Graffiti Supplies that you can just see a little bit in the lower right hand corner.


However, I have checked the link ( and the site is long gone. Doesn't exist anymore. If it did I would have included a live link here to give credit to the artist. See another graffiti character from the same location, and taken on the same day here.

Teasel Plant Silhouette

Teasel (Dipsacus - Dipsacaceae), or Teazle as some call it. Wild Teasel plant heads (quite widespread in the UK). Shot in black and white with a Panasonic Lumix FZ50, silhouette style and straight from the camera.


Brain Neurons In a Puddle

I have quite a few images of puddle reflections (yes, there is such thing as puddle reflection photography), but this one reminded me of Brain Neurons, so I thought I'd post it here (Camera). It also reminds me of the connections we make with each other. Due to technology, people seem to be more isolated than ever before, looking at screens rather than connecting in person.  So, if this puddle represents the personal connections an average person makes in a year, in comparison, how many squiggles / connections would yours have..


White Fungus On Wood

White Fungus On Wood. This collapsed tree bark is covered in fungus / mould. As well as yellow / orange fungus, it has streaks of white fungus mixed in. A very strange combination. Pictures were taken with a Panasonic TZ1 (review). I have some other photos of the orange fungus which I might post at some point in the future. I think its called Brain Fungus.