Yorks Wood Tree Face Carving

Yorks Wood Tree Face Carving. A picture from Yorks Wood, which is located in Shard End, Birmingham. Looks like an evil old wizard of sorts that belongs in a Lord Of The Rings Type film. Anyway, thought it was quite cool. Takes some skill to carve wood like that.



A Few Digbeth Street Art Quickies

Just a few new pieces from around the Digbeth Birmingham area. Didn't have a camera with me at the time so took the pics quickly with someone elses Smartphone [I don't own one]. Never realised the photos would come out watermarked with "Honor 10 Lite". Must be the settings on the phone. Anyway, hope you like the artworks. Until the next time.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who was killed by his stepmother and father. RIP

Captain Tom (Captain Sir Thomas Moore)

Theresa May (former UK Prime Minister) and her attack dog

Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)

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Skope Minworth

Skope graffiti from Castle Vale / Minworth [in Birmingham UK]. Lot's of graffiti all down the canal side on this stretch of water, but the majority of it down this way are toy pieces and quick throws [not very good]. Still photographed some of them though. And this is one I thought was worth posting.



War Mask Digbeth [MF DOOM]

More Graffiti from Digbeth, Birmingham. Reminds me of the Illuminati card games "death mask" card. But this piece is better. Many more pieces from around Birmingham city centre are posted on this blog, a few can be found at these links.


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Intergalactic Artwork

A nice Intergalactic / other worldly style piece from Digbeth, Birmingham. Digbeth is one of the main hubs for graffiti in Birmingham. Go down into the Digbeth backstreets / canal side / around by the Custard Factory etc and there are new pieces popping up all the time. It can change very fast though. Like one day there's pieces you would think are not going anywhere, but then next week they are either gone or destroyed in some way. So it's a capture them while you can type scenario. Artist unknown. Do you know who created this piece, if so let me know in the comments below. Thanks.



Face Throw #StreetArt

Here is a quick face throw up from the streets of Birmingham UK. I can't remember if this was taken in Yardley or Digbeth, but I think it was when I was in Digbeth. Looks like someone with the facial structure that's had too much plastic surgery. Been back to this location recently and this face no longer exists.



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Autofocus AF Nikon Z7II Vs Sony A9II

Practical autofocus test between the Nikon Z7II and the Sony A9II. The same settings were used for each camera. Both are very good cameras, but the Z7II has been on the receiving end of some non-deserved bad feedback regarding its auto focus abilities. And because of this, some would think it would perform quite badly Vs the A9II.

But other users know better, and this comparison video should put a lot of the bad press about the Z7II's autofocus to bed. If autofocus is one of the main features you look for in a camera, I hope this test video helps you make up your mind on which model to buy. And I hope my writing doesn't work as a spoiler and give the winner away.

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Banksy Style Copyright Boy Graffiti

Banksy Style Copyright Boy Graffiti. Stencil piece that I spotted in Birmingham UK. I doubt it is actually done by Banksy, as there are now many artists doing the same or similar artworks since Banksy became popular. Nice piece though. Stencil pieces like this can be thrown up very fast, so they are great for putting up in places where not having much time (busy spots) is a huge factor. Picture taken with a Huawei Smartphone.



Blue Digbethany #WallArt

Another quick one from Digbeth. Created by MEF I believe. The Blue lady of Digbeth, Birmingham UK. Don't know why, but it kind of reminds me of the Medusa. Maybe its the stone style face and the blindy blue eyes. Picture taken with a Huawei Smartphone.


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Laetiporus Sulphureus Fungus UK

Here is a Laetiporus Sulphureus Fungus. Also known as the chicken of the woods. Many of them are very big, and this one was no exception. It was huge. Some Laetiporus Sulphureus Fugus are much more colourful than this one. The one pictured here is quite pale in comparison. Still a nice example. Apparently, these are usually edible, and people / businesses actually sell them for a fair price. I should have picked it! Photographed in the UK last summer (Camera: Samsung WB500 / HZ10W).


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