Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ3 Battery

The Panasonic TZ3 camera can be bought for cheap these days. It's a very good little camera. Only problem is, buying the camera in 2020 will almost certainly be in a used condition. That goes for the battery too. It will more than likely be the original, and it will be just as old as the camera itself. And that is rather old. This means its quite likely that it won't be able to hold a very good charge. This is not always the case though, as I talk about below.


There are non-original replacements out there for sale, but they are a bit hit and miss. And they don't cost much less than what it would be to actually buy a used TZ3 on eBay that comes with an original Panasonic battery. I mean, I bought a Panasonic TZ3 on eBay for £12. Thankfully for me the original battery that it came with still holds an excellent charge considering how old it is.

So don't completely write-off just buying a used TZ3. Sometimes you can get lucky and come across one that comes with a good original battery. Do be sure to ask the seller that question though (does the battery hold a good charge) before bidding / buying to make sure.

Bus Stops In The UK

There are quite a few different types of bus stops in the UK. This is one of the common designs that are seen in a lot of built-up areas in the UK. There are other types (I don't know the names), particularly in English rural areas where some are still quite old due to not being updated or vandalized. And that's a good thing. I like the older types and may post an image of one soon.



The one pictured here, located in Birmingham is new. That's because the bus stop that used to be there got vandalized. Smashed to bits, all windows broken etc. I wonder how long this one will last. Camera: Canon IXUS 127HS [Link].

Samsung U-CA5 Digimax Sample Images

The 5 mega-pixel Samsung Digimax U-CA5 is quite an old digital camera now. It's a small point and shoot that's not too bad for carrying around and taking some fast, hassle free photos. This camera doesn't have that many settings and features, which can be a good thing for someone who just wants to be able to take some pictures without having one too many settings to mess with, which can be complicated and annoying for some people.

How-Now-Brown-Cow_Digimax U-CA 5
A Brown Cow. All images Copyright © Still Paused

Anyway, here is two sample images that I took with the Digimax U-CA5 quite a while back that are sitting on a hard drive not being looked at, so I thought they might be of some use to someone who is looking for sample images from this camera.

A close up of a Prickly Chestnut with premature seeds showing

Castanea Sativa (Prickly Chestnut) Seeds looking a little flat and under developed.

You can buy a used Samsung U-CA5 for £10 - £20 in the UK, however, there are so many older digital cameras out there for sale at around the same price used, which offer a lot more value for the money. A few that come to mind, are the Panasonic Lumix TZ1 (excellent old camera - I bought mine for £10 on eBay), Lumix TZ3 (Review), Lumix FZ8 (here) Lumix FZ20 and the Canon Powershot S2 IS Bridge camera (I bought mine for £10).

Think the Cows want their milk back. Time to leave.

There are a lot more out there in this price range from many of the good brands, including Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Pentax and Nikon. Not forgetting Samsung also. I have a Samsung WB500, and that's a great little camera. However, if you can  pick up a U-CA5 for extremely cheap, it's still worth considering. It can take a decent picture.

Martial Law Graffiti UK

With everything that's going on at the moment, everyone's got a lot of time on their hands. I've been going through some of the many Graffiti folders of pictures I've took, and this one caught my eye. It's got that martial law type feel to it with the characters defensive pose, holding his truncheon and all. And those little fly things (like little bombs with wings) can be the drones that now follow people around in some countries (China for sure, did you see the video of the old woman) and tell them to go home if they're not wearing a mask.


Where do we draw the line. At this moment we are under the cosh. Good piece. Pretty sure this was done by MEF. The name at the bottom of the piece is a bit of a giveaway. Location: Bromford, Birmingham UK. Camera: Samsung WB500 - here - previous post - here - previous Graffiti post - here. Until the next time. #stillpaused

What Does A Mobile Phone Mast Look Like

These days phone masts come in quite a few shapes and sizes. Their disguises are getting better. Believe it or not, some are even disguised as trees. While others are just one big pole that looks rather inconspicuous (See a picture of one below). And if you think those black poles are not phone masts, just go near one and take a look at your phone's reception / signal.

One of the most common looking phone masts

You will no doubt be amazed, or horrified at how your signal strength is now through the roof. With the emergence of 5G, (5th Generation = millimeter-wave radiation = dangerous to humans and wildlife) some transmitters are, or will be very hard to spot. That's because of the need to use "small cells", which don't look like cell towers / masts at all, and can be installed absolutely everywhere. This technology has not been independently tested, so proceed with caution.


More and more people are researching the dangers of this technology, and the conclusion among the majority is that 5G presents serious health implications to the public. Yet, the big wireless / Telecom companies just don't seem to be taking any notice. It's a similar situation to when tobacco companies where in denial for years, and actually promoted smoking tobacco as a healthy practice until independent health studies proved without any doubt that it was harmful. This situation was also similar with Asbestos.

A smaller phone mast of a similar design / appearance

Blinded by technological "progress" and greed, the big wireless companies are following suite, refusing to acknowledge any dangers that 5G possesses, and flat out avoiding the guidelines and regulations (including independent testing) that are usually in place when new technology is introduced to the world. How does one avoid testing when its part of the regulations, a procedure that must be followed. This just screams of total corruption, and anyone who can't see that really needs to wake up.

Image: A pole that doesn't look like the common design we have come to recognize as a phone mast. However, this is a phone mast. I believe the design comes in either black or white. That building you can see to the left of the mast is an old peoples home. How wireless companies get permission to install these towers right next to residential properties remains a mystery to me.

Where is the line drawn between advancements in technology and damaging human health on a global scale. It's a "race to the top", the race for 5G in the west, and they don't care what they have to do to win. Even if that means death and sickness on a huge scale. This certainly says alot about the morals of the people who are pulling the strings. 

Sorry to go on so much when this post was only meant to show what a phone mast looks like, but this is a serious problem that will affect everyone, so it needs to be talked about. A quick question: If you went to buy your dream house and you discovered that it had a big phone mast in close proximity, would you still be happy to proceed with your purchase. I know I wouldn't.

Save The Bees Graffiti

I thought this was quite fitting with all the talk and videos coming out regarding the issue of Bees (as well as Birds and Deer) just dropping down dead, and no one knows why. Some people are suggesting it has something to do with the illegal rollout of 5G. And it may well have something to do with that.


We know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can damage people and wildlife, so who are we to say this isn't the cause when no independent testing of 5G has taken place. Independent studies detached from Private Corporations (So they are done correctly and have no conflict of interest) is of utmost importance when any new technology is being forced on the public without their consent.

That's why I said illegal above, because of the lack of any independent studies on 5G. So, really, it should not be allowed to proceed without more testing. Anyway, I hope you like the Bee piece. This is located at the back of the Firs & Bromford Community Centre in Birmingham UK. Camera: Lumix FZ50.


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