Canon Powershot S2 IS Sample Photos

Quick snaps. Canon Powershot S2 IS Sample Photos. Since solving the Canon S2 "change the batteries" error message (read about that here), I have took the camera out a few times after fixing the issue. I did take some super macro images with the S2 a while back (here), but the "normal" pictures featured here are taken in either "P" (Program mode) or Auto. All of them in this particular post were taken using different levels of zoom, and practically all of them are of Sheep!


Or Lamb depending on how old they are. I thought Sheep was very fitting for where we find ourselves right now with society, as there are a lot of people who are still very much like Sheep. Totally oblivious to almost everything other than their favourite TV shows, and, of course, their beloved Smartphone. I think they're called Sheeple.



I felt really sorry for this one. All the rest were feeding together but this one was all alone and looked very sad.

I had to knock this one out, as it tried to charge me. Just kidding! I would never do that. It was rolling around having a good scratch. Must have had an itchy back. Not surprising with all that wool / fur.

I think this one wanted to charge me, but the big metal gate I was behind prevented any chance of that being successful. 

Anyway, I may add a mixed sample photo post to this blog at some point in the future. These images have not been edited in any way other than made smaller. It was a dull but slightly hazy day, so don't judge the camera on these pictures alone. Under the right circumstances it is a pretty good older Bridge camera. Though, most of the time you do have to work a bit harder than you would have to with a newer camera to get a really good capture.

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