Canon S2 IS Super Macro Sample Photos

I recently wrote about the Canon Powershot S2 IS in a quick review type post. That can be found here, and there are a few sample photos in that post. I basically talked about what I like and dislike about this camera. One of the things I liked most is the Super Macro feature. I've been doing a little messing around with it, and its been a lot of fun. I really like using this camera. One issue I have found though while getting macro'd up is deciding whether to use normal macro or super macro.

Willow Flower - Click to enlarge

I know it depends on how close or far away the subject I'm shooting is, but the latter is always more tempting to me. However, that choice may not always be the right one for certain situations. Normal macro would probably be better suited. And as a result, the Canon S2's Super Macro mode might not always produce the best results for each and every subject. But its all about testing and learning.

More Willow Flower strands

More experimentation and time with this specific camera, including learning its limitations, should gradually result in capturing much better photos in the future. So stay tuned. But in the meantime, check out a few of the pictures I was able to take while testing this camera out. Straight shooting: None of the pictures have been edited / enhanced in any way other than made smaller + on a few (The spider images) zoomed in a little closer to create a more "Macro" feel.

An extremely small blue / purple flower

Alder tree cones close up

Harlequin Ladybird (More of a normal macro)

And now for one of my absolute favourite spiders in the world, and common in the UK; the Jumping Zebra Spider. Widely considered to have some of the best eye sight / vision in the whole insect world. They are amazing.

Zebra Spider

I was moving a little twig from side to side in front of this spider, and I kid you not, its head and eyes (check out those big, front facing eyes) were moving from side to side in unison with the twigs movement. Just like when you see a video clip of a cat watching a game of tennis. I should have filmed it but just never thought about it at the time as I was trying to take pictures. Maybe next time.

Here it is just about to jump. Pressed the shutter a bit too early but just caught its matrix leg in action.

Bear in mind, the Zebra spider is not the same size as many of the jumping spiders you may have seen being displayed on YouTube. Those are also beautiful and have vision that is just as good. However, Zebra spiders are much smaller than most of those. I expected the spider images in this post to come out better than they did.

Looking straight at me, or the lens at least. Click this image to enlarge for a closer look at those big eyes. They have another smaller set. One located on each side of the bigger front facing pair. You can see them when viewing this picture at full size.

I had plenty of opportunities to capture good shots of the Zebra spider, but just found the focus and sharpness was slightly lacking. Possibly due to how small the spider is. Overall though, not bad for a quick mess around. More practise with the Canon Powershot S2 IS is needed, and would no doubt produce better results. I'm looking forward to putting some time into this camera. Much more to come.

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