The Danger Through The Trees

Can you see the danger through the trees. Phone masts and 5G are hot topics at this time, so I thought I'd post a quick image from my travels. I know there's a lot of talk regarding the roll out of 5G while everyone is on lockdown, and many people are questioning whether a secret 5G rollout should be considered as "essential" work at this time. The truth is it shouldn't be going ahead while almost every other "non-essential" sector of the economy has been forced to close.


So it does raise some serious questions as to why 5G is continuing to be installed across the world, who's pulling these strings, and what the motives are behind such a sinister installment. Also well worth mentioning is how 5G has not been independently tested, so the lack of safety testing of such technology being released on the public, in the form of massive radiation exposure, is very concerning.

Anyway, I hope you like my picture: The danger through the trees. Taken with the Panasonic FZ50. Sadly, this mast is literally no more than 20 meters away from a primary school. How it got the all-clear to be installed in this location when these towers are known to be emitting harmful amounts of radiation is a mystery to me.

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