Save The Bees Graffiti

I thought this was quite fitting with all the talk and videos coming out regarding the issue of Bees (as well as Birds and Deer) just dropping down dead, and no one knows why. Some people are suggesting it has something to do with the illegal rollout of 5G. And it may well have something to do with that.


We know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can damage people and wildlife, so who are we to say this isn't the cause when no independent testing of 5G has taken place. Independent studies detached from Private Corporations (So they are done correctly and have no conflict of interest) is of utmost importance when any new technology is being forced on the public without their consent.

That's why I said illegal above, because of the lack of any independent studies on 5G. So, really, it should not be allowed to proceed without more testing. Anyway, I hope you like the Bee piece. This is located at the back of the Firs & Bromford Community Centre in Birmingham UK. Camera: Lumix FZ50.

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