Camera Shows - "Memory card locked"

If you've recently turned your camera on, be it a Canon, Panasonic, Nikon or whatever and see a "Memory card locked" message popping up, you have more than likely flicked the little switch on the side of your memory card down by accident. This is quite a common problem that catches many people out, but it is very easy to fix.


To unlock the memory card all you have to do is push the little switch up that's located on the side of the SD memory card. If you don't know where to find the SD card lock switch, please look at the picture for reference. For the image I used a memory card that actually reads "lock" just to make it foolproof. Most cards do not have the word "lock" printed on them. See below for the picture and click to enlarge if you need a closer look.

See the little grey switch, it should be "up" like in the picture

Anyway, all you have to do is move the switch from down to up and that's it; card unlocked. The picture shows the switch in the correct position for unlocked. Once the card is back in your camera (or any other device for that matter) the message should now be gone. It's one of those silly little errors that once you know about, you'll never be caught out by again.

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