Samsung HZ10W Nature Sample Images

Here are some quick sample images that were taken with the Samsung WB500 (Also known as the HZ10W). All these pictures were taken while on a quick walk through the countryside in Berkswell, UK. None of the images have been altered in any way other than being resized (made smaller) to compensate for the website layout and load time of the page. Didn't want to make it too image heavy. If you want to read more about this camera in general, please see this post.

The pictures in this post were taken fairly quickly, without much thought for perfect framing (like usual then!) and choosing the best matching mode for the shot. Although some were taken in manual mode, most were taken in auto to give you a good idea of what to expect when quickly snapping away with the WB500, or HZ10W as it is known in certain parts of the world. Shame there wasn't more animals or insects for me to photograph on this particular day. It was a nice walk though. Unless stated otherwise, all images in this post are Copyright © Still Paused.

Hawthorn Flower Blossom

A Peacock Butterfly (Aglais-io) on Hawthorn Flowers

The strange Prickly Chestnut (Castanea-Sativa) It has great protection from would be thieves. Those needles are very sharp!

Yellow Rapeseed Fields UK
The pathway through the Yellow Rapeseed Fields

Tree Leaves. No flash if I remember correctly, just natural sunlight coming in through spaces from the surrounding trees. I can't recall what this tree's name is (Update: It's the Castanea-Sativa), but its a real beauty

Hawthorn Bush
Small Hawthorn Tree in white bloom

Flies feeding on white flowers
Like flies around shhh. Flies apparently "feeding" on flowers. Or whatever was on the flowers. They were so busy, they didn't even bat an eyelid. I mean they didn't bat an ommatidium

Picture of the day: The Large White Pieris Brassicae Butterfly. This was taken at close to full zoom and didn't turn out too badly considering how she didn't want to sit still for longer than a few seconds

The above image of the Pieris Brassicae Butterfly, taken by Still Paused, can be reused under the CC Attribution 4.0 International License. Please visit this page to read about how to give appropriate credit to the author when reusing.

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