Image Enhancing: To Pop Or Not To Pop

Top pop or not to pop, that is the question. Just a quick post to show an image example that I left out when talking about basic image enhancement in a previous post. You can see examples of popped images Vs originals and read the information here. In another post where I wrote a brief review of a point and shoot camera (Samsung WB500), I showed some test images that I took with the camera as part of the review. Some of them were of Graffiti. Well, I left one example out, and I wanted to post it here to show another example of a popped image Vs the original. So here it is.

Below: The original image, which looks dull, tired and rather colourless.


Compared Below: The popped image. Tweaked by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation by using a free online picture editor (

I think you'll agree, the enhanced image when compared to the original is so much better. Much more vivid, colourful and alive. Which one do you prefer. The question was, to pop or not to pop. I think the answer to that question, especially if using a cheap but still capable camera like was used for this test is most certainly, POP! There is so much software out there, free and paid. However, you don't need software to do simple editing because there are many online editors that are completely free to use. And a lot of them don't annoy their users by watermarking downloaded images.

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