Rollei (Rolleiflex) Historyline 98

The Rollei Historyline 98 digital camera has so far flown somewhat under the radar in countries such as America and the UK. People into camera history will no doubt be well aware of the Rolleiflex name, and hopefully, most of those people will be pleased to see the introduction of yet another digital addition to the growing Rollei product line with the Rollei Historyline 98. Old Rolleiflex cameras are iconic and instantly recognisable, and that has somewhat carried over to the present day with the Rolleiflex 24611 Mini Digi Twin Lens Reflex.


But while they look similar, some see the digital mini version (it's really small) as a bit of a gimmick and more of a novelty piece rather than a dedicated picture taker. Rollei's Historyline 98 is very different. Being fitted with a much more practical housing, it looks the same as most point and shoot cameras you see for sale these days. Feature wise, compared to the Rolleiflex 24611, it's much better too. It has a 20 Mega pixel Sony CCD Sensor, 2.7 Inch TFT Screen, 12x optical zoom, 24-288mm wide angle lens, built-in WiFi and can record HD video in 720p @ 30 fps (frames per second) at its highest setting. Image stabilizer, rechargeable battery and SD card slot also come as standard.

Like most compacts, they are well suited for taking pictures on the go. Easily concealed with minimal fuss, you don't need a big bag or holdall to take it with you on your travels. The Rollei Historyline 98 is no exception. It's a fairly small point and shoot and has all the features needed to make a good companion for taking quick snaps while out and about.

Should you buy this one over the hundreds of others?

When it comes to cameras, regardless of how much they cost, that is the million dollar question. There are just so many to choose from. However, from a price point of view, this model is not that cheap, and there are many excellent compacts that sit within its price range. Some of which are much more tried and tested, and have much better customer reviews.

Furthermore, it must be said: While the older Rolleiflex models are great, and looked at as a key part of camera history, their digitised future generations do not fare as well where user opinions are concerned. Could the 98 be an exception? There aren't too many reviews out there yet, and what is out there is quite positive, so perhaps it could be. If you want something a little bit different, from a brand steeped in tradition and history, this might be worth considering. Along with the Compactline 800 (another point and shoot by Rollei), it's available to buy on Amazon UK.

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