Seam Graffiti Piece

Seam graffiti piece from the UK. Birmingham to be more precise. Had this one tucked away for a while. Forgot all about it. Nice piece. Isn't that the painter and decorator from the old Pink Panther cartoons? Haha, I thought he looked familiar. These photographs were taken with a Samsung WB500, but both have been popped a little using an online photo editor, as they came out a bit dull looking.

The Pink Panthers Painter is in Birmingham

Seam from a further distance

Haven't been to this location for a while, but fairly certain due to how much the art work changes there, that this piece is now most probably gone. Either that or destroyed by people going over it with lame tagging.

Update: Those two tower blocks you can see in the background of second image (Holbrook Tower and Warstone Tower) are now gone. Demolished not long ago. I don't know who the artist is that done this work. But credit to them, it's a cool piece. -Still Paused.

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