Samsung WB500 Close Up Test Image

How are the close up capabilities of the Samsung WB500 point and shoot camera. I've owned this camera for a good few years now and I have to say, the close up shots aren't too bad. Overall its an excellent camera, very well made and takes good pictures. It can also record videos @ up to 720p quality. I will post a review type post about the WB500 soon.


But in the mean time I just wanted to show a quick test image of how close the WB500 can get to a subject, in this case a Ladybird, before it blurs out of focus. Above is an image taken on the scene setting in "close up" mode. Kind of like this models macro. Quality is Super Fine. No zoom has been applied. Any closer to the ladybird and the camera couldn't focus clear anymore. The distance of the lens from the insect was around 5cm. Click the image to enlarge to really see how close the shot was taken to the subject.

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