Double Pase Reflective Graffiti

Double Pase Reflective Graffiti. Took these photos last year some time. A terrific one word piece with its reflection being shown in the canal water. The artist must have gotten wet doing this one. Either that or he came prepared wearing some knee high wellington boots. The colours used in this Graffiti are almost pastel style. These images were captured with a Samsung WB500. The shooting conditions were really good on this day, nice and overcast. The camera did a great job of picking up the true likeness of this piece.


Zoomed out to show the surroundings

Credit to the artist, who I believe goes by the name Forms. I'm not sure if this piece is still alive and burning, but it does stand a good chance of survival with it being done above water. I doubt the any of the local art destroyers are determined enough to wade through canal water to diss this piece. Anyway, I'm glad I went and grabbed this one when I did. -Still Paused.

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