Nikon Z7 Macro Video HD Sample

Here is a close up sample video of a Spider clearing his web of water drops early in the morning. This video was captured with a Nikon Z7 + superb Nikkor 105 micro G VR Lens. The Nikon Z7 seems to be an excellent camera. Lots of sample photographs available to view online. To see this macro footage at its highest quality setting change the YouTube settings on the video from Auto (480p) to 1080p HD.

The Z7 is a 45.7 mega pixel full frame mirrorless camera that's aimed at the professional end of the market. Among many other features it also has 4K video, 8K time lapse, 9fps shooting, touchscreen high definition display, WiFi and Bluetooth. If you're a keen amateur and want to buy this incredible camera, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Best UK Prices start at well over £2,000 for the camera with a lens + adapter and can be found for sale on various outlets online, including eBay. You can find it cheaper, brand new with FTZ adapter but no lens (just under £2,000). And if you already have your own Nikon DSLR lens' that are compatible with this camera, you can just use those instead and save some money.

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