Nikon P1000 Birding + Manual Download

Well, depending on what time zone you're in, it's basically release day for the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 the world over. And what better way to welcome the new telescope, I mean super zoom camera to the public then with a birding test video. Of course, the P900 is already a great camera for birding (see some sample images), but the P1000, with its enhanced features and even further zooming capabilities has the potential to be even better. Hopefully much better. Take a look at the test video below, where Alberto Ghizzi Panizzs seizes the opportunity to film the beautiful Bee Eater bird.

Bird In A Tree | Super Zoom Example Video

The 125x zoom COOLPIX P1000 is now for sale at the following outlets: B&H, WEX, Jessops, Adorama, eBay and Amazon

If you want to find out more information about the specification of the new Nikon, and view some more test videos, have a read of this post. Also, as mentioned in the title, the manual and quick start user guide are now available to download online in PDF format. View / Download the manuals. Software also available for download, compatible with the P1000, is ViewNX-i and the NRW Codec. Both of those can be found at the download link above.

With such a highly anticipated release such as this, a fast sell out is a distinct possibility. Apparently, allocated pre-order quantities have already been met with some retailers, and as a result a few listings have been removed. However, once the initial buying frenzy simmers down a little, there should be more stock coming, and ultimately enough to go round. So everyone who wants to buy one can do so.


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