Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Vs P900 Super Zoom

Packing an 83x optical zoom, the P900 has one of the most incredible zoom ranges ever seen in Bridge camera before. But now Nikon have raised the bar even further with the P1000, which boasts an unbelievable 125x optical zoom. That's 24-3000mm, the largest ever seen. First things first, the release date in the UK and USA is 6th September 2018. There's no need to wait until then if you're eager to get your hands on one, as you can pre order the COOLPIX P1000 online now if you want be ahead the game and secure yours before they potentially sell out. Now for sale here.

No doubt, with the release date being fairly near to Christmas, I'm sure there will be many people either hoping to find one in their Xmas stocking (It'll be one heavy stocking), or biting the bullet and finding an excuse to buy one for themselves. Whatever the route, everyone who can afford to wants to experience the sheer power of the P1000. So, other than the furthest zoom ever seen what else does the P1000 offer in terms of specification.

Well, it has a 16MP - 1/2.3" CMOS sensor (same one as used in the previous model), a 100-6400 ISO range, 2.3m OLED viewfinder, maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec and a slowest of 30sec, 4K Ultra HD Video recording @30fps + 1080@ 60fps, RAW shooting mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, excellent image / video stabilisation features, 3.2 Inch full swivel (articulated) LCD screen, USB 2.0, Microphone port and HDMI. Note: No GPS is present in this model.

There are some great sample images and video already out there that not only show super close up footage of the moon, but also some decent shots / video of Jupiter and Saturn. Very impressive. Beware of individuals posting fake video tests / examples online stating they are using a P1000, as many people making these claims before the official release date are doing so for views. Basically, most are either clickbait (using the older model), or the uploader has copied someone else's copyrighted video that was genuinely testing the newer model and claiming it as there own. This is nothing new. Just something to be aware of. Anyway, check out the video below made by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, which I believe is a real zoom test using the P1000.

Nikon P1000 Amazing Zoom Test Video

Nikon P1000 Versus The Nikon P900

The Flash on the P1000 covers a little more area compared to the P900. 12 Meters Vs 11.5 Meters. It's not much but it is an improvement over the previous model. The P100 also has a Hotshoe should you need to use it. Of course, 4K video and RAW shooting mode are two major upgrades over the previous model. Due to the huge zoom range on both models, on the P900 it took quite some time to zoom out completely when using using full zoom.

On the P1000 the ability to zoom out fast has been made a much easier, less tedious process. As mentioned above, an external microphone port is present on the COOLPIX P1000, which is great news for owners of the P900 who complained about its poor quality built-in microphone. Another excellent feature added to the new model is a manual focus ring and a dedicated focus mode, which makes it much more easy and convenient to operate. Some people are curious as to whether the newer model has retained Bird Mode. The answer is yes, like the previous model, the P1000 also has Bird Mode. And rightfully so.

The P900 was / is a big camera, but due to the larger lens that's in the Nikon P1000, it's now even bigger and heavier than the previous model. It weighs in at a little under 1.5KG (1,410 grams). Yes, you read that correct. That's around one and a half Kilograms. It's no lightweight. A larger lens, with considerably more range needs more energy to function. As a result, the battery life on the P100 offers significantly less shots from a full charge at 250 images Vs 360 from the P900. Weighing up the Pros and Cons, there's a lot to consider. I didn't even mention the price. Are you sure you want to know. Obviously it's not going to be cheap. It's priced up at a few dollars shy of $1000USD (America) or £1000GBP (United Kingdom).


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